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tv   RT News  PBS  December 4, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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morning no resolution protest is against us to continue to see june the government to the end despite the opposition losing a no confidence vote. we stand with the vast majority of ukrainians who want to see this future for their country i'm told what to get the blood sweat and then the jiggle like is to listen to them i think you integrate it also the eye the iranian
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police force has been a struggle against american oil company the front kingfish showed us went to the pope. i live is the militias are on the receiving end of the cereal for the government's failure to bring security or stability to the road. lol forty two to judith has opted to not lose just cost me not now needed most to him gonna give this morning with the ongoing unrest in ukraine protest is he a binky at these latest pictures of people can a government building a position that amp's were also disrupting columnists web i'm walking a rostrum in their own. it is not reveal the scene of protests that if as is also showed up for a rival rally here in the east of ukraine in donetsk that would lead to still have to support the government. these crabs the team that frustration of the opposition pretending
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that capitalists they see it in for a battlefield. because alyssa made increasing interference from abroad who wouldn't love to bring this up to speak. we stand with the vast majority of ukrainians who want to see this future for their country and we urge the ukrainian government to listen to the voices of the people that want to live in freedom and opportunity and prosperity and elected representatives of the ukrainian people made their choice deciding against giving the government in no confidence slapped down for the defeated opposition it was back to the streets if the democratic process will force the government out that the protesters today everywhere. like eating official buildings are likely keep the protest. one in the west calls of encouragement. the supporters of euro integration must remain for and seize the momentum of the protest this is the only way to continue to cook to make concessions. while labour in particular seems to be paying especially close attention to
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events in ukraine the european union needs you and you need the european union. and if you need it you will be with your husband has always regarded ukraine has since backed down to it as i would say neo imperialist designs on ukraine with some polish may be hoping for is a repeat of the events of two thousand for the country stood still for a month in support of the western backed the condition fact that things have changed over the years. the orange revolution works because people didn't know what it was about at the time of nine years later things are bit more clear it of all the promises that were made and tom have been repeatedly broken the crowds in kiev are clearly just a nuisance and a bitterly divided parliament has a tough task in building bridges. the job made all the more difficult by western nations fuel in what could become another revolution in the demise of the democratically elected government in two years. when
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it comeso our team. when it seems to be shoulder to make just a string of european politicians to head to ukraine and the conformist is riding camp for pre planned to european security meeting on thursday. get a list of ever that was a baby picture to independence square lumps of opposition leader and reigning heavyweight boxing champion it on the pitch to the fab photos taken by the german foreign office meantime russia's top diplomat sergei lavrov scott wanted on foreign leaders getting vocal ukraine's crisis up to me to make a second general. and with the key isn't it. we consider the events in ukraine and entanglements. i'm counting on ukrainian politicians to bring the situation into a constitutional office. we're asking that no one interferes with this ongoing crisis. but jeffrey summers is associate professor of political economy and policy tell the ball you integration the brink but the crank and the eu. it may appear attractive to the protesters but i don't think the long run it's going to serve the ukrainian people well to
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become part of an enlarged european union which is by the way. the theory kind of strong new liberal trajectory so what's the more social the people are looking at me think about the european union is one which is being euthanized as we speak the people see that the people in the eu be paid in full the tutors holocaust until the big toe. what a great market that be for you could get a few craig comes close to it. because the sole significant mackenzie credit so that one of the book out west is the money for that well i did but people certainly are not. i think that's in the usa when you hear about. brittany here but from cheer to everyone who when to cut down home but said and that benefit increases the cold but it right you'll see him the people of course. and that will constitute a veritable to carry people who live a very precarious existence. in theory couple will leave service sector jobs of all that and i don't do these guys get from from the east of europe would make
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no wrecks everything from construction or working in restaurants service accounts anywhere where these standards are not as strong as the labor protections. and where unfortunately labour can be exploited so we've seen this already know we all bought the same polish plumber of course in the united kingdom or people coming from lithuania my kindle and the uk and ireland i am but say that the ghost experiences of concrete that had come for those people now but also state that ukraine of course is suffering from a demographic crisis already birt happens we have all these people of childbearing age when people move on to defeat trucking is making more when he's around the world and to ease the anger stems from the shoot extraction techniques tend to ignore most environmental changes. d the latest anti tracking rallies have taken place in
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romania renault in england bully boy couple of snacks is a tough struggle for locals and activists alike hacking and protests seemed to be sin on him in faith and in my experience of covering the stories that have been an area when it cools haven't been in this advanced technology. when that vilsack and has just been akron family pack the courts from romania where police have forcibly from new and improved image is from the last energy giant chevron was to pace the stock tester ending. well i can tell you i can beneath it. it wasn't until i can tell you it would have to be because i was in that connection covering that story when these contestants performing he maintained around that site can be said to me that they would fight to the exact term for neat ideas for hiking and taking pains me heaps. ask us
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the week we didn't matter to them. no one would hope to stop them. even if it means pain with an eye. if you want to send the economy will die of them won't give up until the outcome frank a romanian second edition the uk as well people here aren't immune to add amendments. we collect protests taking place in crates in manchester a company called high class is supposed to start exploring trade training and we made a protest that has been trying to look where ethan went to play trucks from. i am finding the contests i think this is just one. taking that i've test while but this company is supposed to be active. lol well that's nice to have more to it that had drinks i speak is the north west of england is full of shale gas it's a very good with dogs could get lost or that the uk in terms of any pieces like this. he thinks he has not been covering the spanking stories we passed pretty fast and some
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as well. abraham. common test sites and high pass inspection ninety nine pitch at last it can shake me a crackling is warm from the creeks that are taking place the employer to prove that would prevent cracking had taken place. that's a prison sentence that if companies are investing money into explore tree trimming its kind in the two friends came. of course one playboy hoop ratio in the gene and the flickering cos he spends mistakes. europe's divide over cracking under the great depression from big business there's a big disagreement than ten countries with two other very much. i am in favor of may the head the net with maximum expect it showed as they say this is a way of making securing more than an entity supply problem perhaps relying on whether it's much every wrong know what s up and there are those that have that in fact a moratorium on this that are not going to go ahead come to such as restaurants. so there is a real difference of opinion but i think you get that across the european union we really need to be decided and
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what of the criteria that we need to be taken from the environmental perspective but some of the big business pressure this update of the people the same to their jobs in the us where same boat. their job in the lot of other things is tilted the deal but when it is the jobs in energy efficiency their jobs and new technologies. so quite and we get we don't necessarily have to go down this route the truck is also causing a stir across the atlantic to the use of the texas too shaken to seventh place just last week with some scientists pointed the finger it dozens of shale gas drilling wells in the area he's going to puke i went to find about that concert bring a town called bintan in texas gas wells are everywhere in the heart of its two hundred and seventy three gas wells just in this town striking is responsible for the guest room into the west the people here. see here. they had given me the ones paying for that. i'm very worried that
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when they started back in on what happened to me because of the diesel fumes more than anything my class and its arty had to park effects from it. and they tell us it is an environmentally. basically coming from the actual wales we do believe it's that it stemmed from cracking into the gas industry holds a lot of me. the cabinets. i'm anticipating night. we'll see and your friends and family though communities and people getting sick and you knew how to keep going for a new path to having it cost to keep speaking out because you know its ranks. while energy giants of lobbying your hands and the anticipation of gigantic car fixed. here are increasingly fearful about the water that the strength of spirit that the inclusion of the bill and get their houses in the dark. they don't trust the government assessment of the damage from cracking because they say that one gets interesting will make sure that no
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conclusive study comes out even if it does come out they believe the investment will make sure that it doesn't become. this is more effective regulations content exits on the second part. the fun of war but i do for keywords like he will want it enough to stick to the website to go cold christie's cold cereal crop spot. as a group of no remaining rebel custody we hear from the epa to plug a result the crisis talks. bah eight. eat it or he'd take the government's advice the brits and two for the pay the bills. a prominent social prices drop even need from the drop in temperatures as the cover stories and look more like this. the uh
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the in this is the place that has been consecrated to god for almost a thousand years. you go gym here in twenty some years ago to re establish supply on this island i am a people feel the love of christ working people say you can just go on to something happens on this island that makes the return to it again and again. they say the same stuff. join me. james brown when ginny for the soul. neo . right decision. i couldn't picture. the report. xian
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well could the pristine numbers of reported to be relocated them but it was the miss rebel captors. we went up to dwindle position fun to still the time it nonetheless. that's most people played by christine to say by the rebels is because of the city government damascus has appealed for international efforts to free the captives mother agnes is a from serie a shipping contract with the rebel officials to try to resolve the situation. yesterday i had some contradictory statements. leaders of the pre tsunami deny involvement in the incident and contentment. they say it might have been carried out
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mike's team is great. it's a good time and spices from hand to the responsible entity led to the top announced that second from government forces. this is what the priests carrying on he told me anything they say they will send someone to check up on the needs and provide introduced to pray there alright the tulips report max this morning for maybe an anti militia raids that are spreading a wall the protest is the time of dutton has reportedly given out non group of islamists the beans if you notice the lack of government control which to live with his two nd round of the country. the title the news will not least of all the couple problems in the east as we've been reporting with a fully self proclaimed autonomy to scan of a monotonous second bread i'm on the control of a hop and initial supplies the embattled authorities into the meat out that give them ten days to stand and the deadline is christ is over as a witty seen the export of crude from the country from its just ten percent of previous levels it is no longer then able to satisfy his own domestic needs for all to see just how awful books were quiet and is thus not naming time
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corrections on the up and moving the country's tumbled to be among the world's blessed for that moment the greco to have an estimated seventeen hundred armed groups meantime upgrade to a nationwide security crisis the crisis the scene right now. so he's been unable to take control of the country some supplies most of them ending up in our ending up in the hands of the militias some of those say the western countries that helped usher in the libyan revolution seemed reluctant to help with that he is out buying goods from the from your own from the west. this only wanted from them the us is interfering with the dentist moves some of the countess of the worst thing that has prospered in a lot of you got to be bucking more than one on one girl on another site also shows that the west is empty. when we bought interested in doing that because they can do that if they so wish but i don't think they are doing that amid tensions across the country maybe considers making islamic sharia mold by
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snow for legislation and state institutions buggered not fit with the feds consulted my group who believes the move is set to divide the country. that the strong hold over the government of the so called government in the aaa and imposing dead dead but you know la vista on nola snow on the country which of the deal was the second the states mostly a hill surrounded by sickness that if you remember tunisia and egypt love most the second and this has a very dangerous defect in the region if it fits if it does go full you want to write the country's best to divide the country the libyans have been used to for two years of secularist sell on rule secularist whale matter of living in the country. and of the most of the most subscribed to that so these are very few and far between on the top of groups bent on trying to impose its only because the palms. um have been dumping on there would
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not have been listened to it all. while this place had babies indigenous tribal groups largely been left to fend for themselves some are being targeted by militias having allegedly supported him to death in his day mostly reports make them apply to one in back one hour this two track was once the building streets teeming with foreign construction workers. now it's home to forgotten victims of the revolution. the people of toowoomba. two years ago. off to the condition. rebel groups expelled him from the home's accusing him of supporting president adoptees two month long siege office from ten to one guy is now a ghost town the only living things. stray animals and the odd nation and the population's content across the country. telecom much of the fiji can run a bit of a planetary an organization is home to one thousand five hundred of them that's a bounty hunter families to come within a state of constant tea and drinks. the campus not protected militias make problems for us. they killed
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people here. the rest of people here who did nothing malicious comments say. so we're going to reared up and take three or four people the comments to him was the victim of such an attack on october twelve my sons weren't home and militia from this rustic and they stormed the house and to treat people i don't know what happened with one of them. when melted whisk the middle attacks people complaining that the companies have been animals is a lack of clean water or sanitation. most families as many as eight or nine people all crammed in single rooms. we're building our own. the cost of the one we have is not enough of the whole family with seven and as you know we have young and old children. we cannot stay in a single room. its allegations on the cost to prevent him from attaining her. mr and his brother does not want us to return until there is a law that compensates. they say that there are women who were raped by two we're going to
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want to investigate doesn't apply just as they're asking the libyan government not to allow a stock until those guilty go to tribunals in our sentence the difficulties that the company felt the need to be punished for book winds of fifteen. we are sure some people about things we are not all guilty for that. people from too weird to have met with people from ms robinson sold the problem we apologized to the families ms raptor the median strip that there is no answer from their side for now the displaced to win teams can only hope and pray that one day they can mature into the formal nights. quiz him on tv. most of the top of the store is not enough to go home for the budget truck hijackings mexico's good nothing to do with drugs the ball catch though this time was extremely of radioactive material this go missing from the radiotherapy machines are the ones who live more about the district
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is hoping to break this out to find us. also to find out how the films below. top with its about the significant safety by spreading a little like to do so. a british hosts also wondering how they can to stay warm this winter on to be hit with massive energy price rises justice the cold begins to strike us on top of thousands of uk families trapped below the to mind unable to keep the homes being with the promise of government help. this reciprocal. it's that time of year again when temperatures drop and bills soar as the heating comes on. eight am protesting saying that it knows the answer that. yet he take her and without price increases the energy companies and the lack of
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action. not to mention the good health this week on the next stop. in the way without me mercury is wifi to keep the heating on for a week two hours during the day and five hours at night. i do worry that many and how you take it to me. the moby three am. braden woke up to me hold it off on our own. that affected every family in this country and this is britain two thousand and thirteen terrible. depending on the provider the hike set to take effect this blog to be as high as ten percent with excess winter deaths in england and wales rising by thirty to thirty one thousand compared with the previous year sixty two the company is often true in the markets and off the side and when to put up prices. whether that's
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above the rate of inflation one off. is another question the biggest explain the rise in wholesale costs but industry regulator off jones said. costs rose by less than two percent profits meanwhile have gone up by seventy five percent of the last year alone. it is you. see the it read it the good of the depression. the bill. and there's a double whammy the national grid war that energy reserves are dangerously low. the risk of blackouts this winter will be higher than it's been for almost a decade but the more pressing problem for many remains simply getting through this winter. how many of the i'm a happy that i actually live on the homophobes of money that bit that we can. does it make any difference to david cameron all anyone knows that it goes. just as silly rt
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london. the afghan president says none of his ministers to be allowed to sign a security pact of all content unless it fulfills some key demands that american officials are in kabul and brussels right now trying to persuade me cause i depend a crucial document which seals the number of us make a trip to the twenty fourteen for mom to two seed capital for the belgian capital the time and patients are quickly running outside here in brussels the situation has essentially devolve into a high stakes game of poker veiled threats and at times to try to force and pressure afghan president karzai to sign a deal between the united states and afghanistan that would determine the size and shape of a u s forces after combat troops leave at the end of twenty fourteen count yesterday mr rasmussen decided to play hardball. he said that if karzai doesn't sign that deal with the americans all nato forces could be withdrawn from afghanistan after thirteen years of war and that eight billion dollars in annual aid
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to afghanistan so badly needs will that be in jeopardy too but and this is a game of fact carrots and sticks approach was softball for nato and the united states somewhat softened their stance today the us secretary of state john kerry can know with a new proposal this morning saying all right if karzai doesn't want to sign the deal must come up with a plan to help them save things couldn't get the defense minister to sign with anyone as soon as it gets signed quickly and to see you in our current side meanwhile he knows that he needs this money of course i wanted done and his own terms. yes i really wanna find a deal until after the april elections. he also wants the us to promise to continue to stop doing certain things for example controversial nitrates. he's also now asking for afghan detainee at guantanamo bay to first be released before that deal is signed so certainly a lot of politics being played here the fate of a pianist and in the balance as a result. she kept no magic bullet to
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the light into the full moon is coming weekend and i went off to the bright though neo internationally and bought a soul searching journey to once more. i'm very interested me tell you what she is sitting there britain it's a little going on that line too. sometimes i just i i i i. i am. we often see the middle east is a place of the term of revolution people call it seemed to be very fired up as well. masses of protesters to force a government ministries to shut down by storming the look you in waves. one such ministry is the kind of cool that of the american fbi which has been accused of killing around ninety people in a crackdown on those who support ousted prime minister thaksin should allot truck was the brother of the current leader while people are crying out for democracy accusations of violence against protesters so where barack obama john
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kerry the mainstream media. i mean whatever some group of rebels protesters right mean freedom fighters fight for democracy are we supposed to arm them like in syria and or bomb their country back into the stone age like and libya served in iraq. some protest explode across the mainstream media with calls for intervention and others who are mostly silent when i lived in bulgaria where there have also been struggling to buildings less than a month ago. and with the conspiracy theorist but the selective coverage and slick of concern for some humans rights not the rights of others. what smells a bit fishy to me. but that's just my thing. i am the books. henne has it that in many of these seats about forty years today. ninety six to five. an exception to the reason i was going out for tea if i made myself and
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i was fourteen i would reckon this of course that person today. it's the same spot on reduce like a normal work on green st. well know everything about them and cut it off long beach. though these guys could be the same though. will the prosecution what really makes you will be interesting is the fact that these changes and you will not be the same tomorrow us don't. so i try to be excited to work in the caribbean sea in the conduct a life changing no holy giving you the ccs so changing opinions of all things but in all circumstance crew will last and in person. i believe this one c to twenty years becomes pope. i fear the cops. goal
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in one the kids do that the us. he said. well winter is called the vista home it's no use the d c and d in quite a bit another direction and in easton. the same vintage. this bolivia. mr the scene. nature makes him the way around. nosy. looking at the horizon and new year songs for something. you don't know what to do this along the backside to the horizon and you don't know what it is too long for kink sustained move by monday. it's a man whose longing for something. his only at this moment for something but he doesn't know what is wrong. i did. new
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chc!vez would willingly. i eye. the commander of the need to be on a mid nineteen. well this was coming up next half hour it's not that david price the team staff meeting the court finds. us vice president joe biden is in asia to defuse tensions over china's new air defense justifications. in the german top shop is humbled by it. i can't think of


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